Slip On Emma Simple DIY - Gift Idea for Christmas! November 17 2017

Wow, guys! Can you believe it's almost Christmas? Where did the time go? We're so excited for the holiday season: good food, quality time with our families, and of course, presents! And speaking of presents, if you're not quite sure what to get for everyone on your Christmas shopping list, don't worry, we've got you covered. Keep reading for this super simple Christmas-inspired DIY!

We took one of our Slip On Emma organizers (in pink, of course!) and brought some Christmas bling to the party. It was so quick and easy, but the results were amazing. And since Emma was designed to perfectly fit an iPad, this bedazzled version would make the perfect gift for a trendy student, or a fashionista on the go! Here's what you'll need:


  1. A plain coloured bag or bag organizer (in this case, the Slip On Emma)
  2. Some bling! (we used some cute and inexpensive diamantes/rhinestones)
  3. Tassels
  4. Hot glue gun

First thing you want to do is to experiment a little with the placement and design of the decorative elements. There's nothing worse than making mistakes with a hot glue gun!

This was our favourite design (front):

And back:

After that, it's just a matter of gluing down each element into place! Take your time and be careful, they call it a "hot" glue gun for a reason! When we got to the tassels, we snipped off the loop at the top and glued it down the same way we did with the diamantes, and it seemed to work well. We might come back and sew it on, though, for extra security!

Wait for the glue to dry, and that's literally it! Here are a few pictures of our blinged out Emma in action:

How adorable! We love the way the light shines and reflects off the diamantes, and the movement of the tassels. We hope you enjoy this simple and sweet tutorial! Have a merry, crafty Christmas, everyone!


Stone Photo Holders - DIY Tutorial November 03 2017

Hi, fellow crafters! For this week's edition of DIY Friday, we're making some adorable photo holders from small stones! Bonus: this craft is totally kid-friendly, so we definitely recommend it for a weekend project with your little munchkins. Here's what you'll need to get started:


  1. Stones/pebbles (we suggest ones with a nice flat bottom)
  2. Acrylic paint
  3. Paint brush
  4. Small gauge wire
  5. Needle-nose pliers
  6. Cutter pliers

First things first, make sure the stones are nice and clean. And then it's time to paint! For the first stone, we went with blue and white polka-dots, and then some adorable red and yellow hearts for the second stone.

Wait for the paint to dry before adding any patterns. We found that 2 coats of paint made the colours brighter and more opaque.

While waiting for the paint to dry (again!) you can prep the wire for the photo holders. Take one end of the wire and loop it around any pen or marker about 2-3 times. Tip: use the pliers to loop and twist the wire into a super tight coil.

Once the paint is dry, it's just a matter of wrapping the other end of the wire around the stone about 2-3 times so it's secure. Then, snip off the excess wire with a wire cutter. You can also tuck the snipped end of the wire under the loops at the bottom to avoid any nasty poking incidents!

And that's it! We repeated the same process with our second stone. Here's some pics of the finished products:

What do you think of this DIY? We'd love to see how these photo holders would look like using pebbles of different shapes and sizes, with different decorations (rhinestones, anyone?) or with copper coloured wire!

That's it from us this week. Until the next time: happy crafting, everyone!

Googly Eyes For Halloween! Short & Simple DIY October 27 2017

Hello, fellow crafters! Halloween is just around the corner, and we just love all the creative and creepy themed DIYs we've come across online. If you're looking for a cute, not-so-scary, and kid-friendly DIY for Halloween, you've come to the right place! For this adorable and easy craft, you'll need these materials:

  1. Googly Eyes (we got our at our local craft supply store)
  2. Hot glue gun (or any strong adhesive)
  3. Double sided tape and scissors (optional)
  4. Something you want to decorate!

It's pretty straightforward from here! Simply take your item (a bag, a mug, a vase, etc) and glue your googly eyes directly onto it with your hot glue gun. Here's where the double sided tape and scissors come in: you can use the double sided tape to plot out the position of your googly eyes before gluing them down. Also, if you don't want the googly eyes to be fixed permanently onto the item, you can stop at this step. That way, you can easily remove the googly eyes whenever you want to!

And then, we went a little ga-ga for googly eyes! Here's what our ORGANIZE JACQ and one of our plain CANVAS POUCH looked like with a pair of googly eyes!

But we didn't stop there ;) Here's our SLIP ON EMMA looking very spider-like with a total of 8 googly eyes! We love how the eyes on the outside match the polka dots on the inner lining.

But wait! We still had a lot of googly eyes left we stuck them onto a few of the small vases and pots lying around the shop, and we just loved how they came out. These ones may be our favourite outcome, take a look!

And last, but most certainly not least, we stuck some googly eyes on a coffee mug! It turned out so cute, almost like Chip from Beauty and the Beast, and it really brings the plain white mug to life.

And there you have it! We adore how versatile and easy this DIY turned out to be, not to mention the adorable effect of inanimate objects coming to life! How would you craft with googly eyes? Which items would you bring to life?

Until next time, have a spooky Halloween, and happy crafting!

Easy Tassel Necklace DIY October 13 2017

Hi, everyone! I don't know about you guys, but we've been seeing those adorable tassel necklaces everywhere on Pinterest lately. We just had to have one...but they're soooo expensive! So of course, we made our own. We happened to have some leftover tassels from our Pink Pocketbag Penni's lying around, so we thought we'd give it a try! Here's what you'll need:

1. Tassels in different colours
2. Any cute necklace you already own. A plain one without embellishments works best.
3. Scissors (optional. We didn't even use scissors in the end XD)

We tried on different configurations and patterns, and decided we wanted 5 tassels hanging on the bottom half our our necklace. Place the necklace flat, and folded along the middle so you can find the centre point. This is where you'll tie your first tassel. We chose a red one, because it was bigger than the purple ones we had. And then just continue tying your tassels in the pattern you want them to be. 

It's really that simple! You see now how we didn't even need to use the scissors! Of course, if you think the tassels are hanging too low on the necklace, you could always trim a bit off the bottom. We loved the effect, though, so we left the tassels as is.

The finished product looks something like this:

It looks super cute with a plain white or black shirt, and since the necklace we used is so long, we looped it around twice. The best part is we can use the loop to adjust the length and look of the necklace!

It really just brings your whole outfit to life with those beautiful pops of colour and movement. We loved this super simple and glam DIY. Would you wear a tassel necklace? Let us know! Until next week, happy crafting everybody!

Turn An Old Shirt Into A Tote Bag: No-Sew Tutorial! September 15 2017

Hi everyone! Here's a DIY project we've been wanting to do for a while: transforming an old, well-worn shirt into a cute tote bag! We couldn't believe how easy it was! Read on to see how we made our tote bag, no sewing required!

Old t-shirt
Cellophane tape (optional)

The first thing you'll need to do is to cut off the sleeves and neckline. You can make the neckline opening as big as you want as this will be the opening of the tote bag.

We're halfway there! Cut off the bottom hem of the t-shirt. Then, cut a fringe all along the bottom, ours were about 3 inches in length. You could just eye-ball it at this point, but if you're slightly OCD about making all the small fringe bits uniform in size (like we are XD) then here's a handy tip: place cellophane tape all along the bottom as your guide lines!

Here comes the fiddly part. Line up the top and bottom layers of the fringe, and tie them in a simple knot. You could stop at this single knot, but we noticed a tiny gap between each set of knots. To fix this, we tied a second knot using the “top” fringe from one pair and the “bottom” fringe from the pair next to it. And voila, no more gap!

And you're done! We love this no-sew technique, the fringe looks so cute and on-trend. Here are a few shots of our new tote in action!

You can also use it in two different ways: a simple tote bag, or tie the handles in a knot and transform it into a cute casual bucket bag!

We absolutely adored how it turned out! We think it would make a perfect shopping bag, or beach day carry-all. The knit fabric of the t-shirt is nice and stretchy, and really takes a lot of weight, so we hope to get a lot of use out of it!

Until next time: happy crafting, everyone!

GIN & JACQIE's Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign September 08 2017

It's almost October, and we all know what that means! October is the official Breast Cancer Month: the time to uphold those of us affected with breast cancer, to celebrate their strength and determination, and to spread awareness on the symptoms and prevention methods. To commemorate this special month, GIN & JACQIE is hosting a bag designing competition. If you're good at arts and crafts, or if you feel strongly about breast cancer, we invite you to participate! The competition will be held from 6 September to 12 October 2017 and this year's theme is "Creating Awareness Through Art". Each participant will be given a plain black tote bag to decorate or redesign however they wish, as long as they incorporate the signature PINK RIBBON in their final submission. After a round of online voting, 10 entries will be shortlisted for our panel of judges to pick the top 3 winners! All entries will be auctioned off by GIN & JACQIE, and 100% of the proceeds will go to the Sarawak Breast Cancer Support Group!

You can read more about the rules, design criteria, and prizes here.

And when we say "redesign", we really mean it! Participants are encouraged to totally restructure their tote bags and express their creativity. You can even cut up the bag, sew it into a clutch or pencil case, or make it into a totally different product; the only limit is your imagination! Here's a few ideas to get you started:

For more information regarding the contest rules, or how to participate please contact Beth (014 6943852). You can also stay updated on contest developments by following our Facebook and Instagram pages.

We can't wait to see all the creative and interesting entries you guys will submit, and to all the breast cancer survivors out there: stay strong, we're all here for you!

Sweet & Simple: Rosy Red DIY! August 25 2017

This week's DIY is super sweet and adorable, and so easy to do! We used one of our bag organizers (the ORGANIZE JACQ, in Rose Pink) and some cute rosettes we got at our local fabric and art supply store. The big red rosettes cost us around RM5 - 4, and the small white ones were even cheaper! Keep reading for our step-by-step explanation.

Here's what you'll need for this DIY:

1. A bag or bag organizer of your choice
2. Hot glue gun
3. Rosettes (or any small embellishments)

We wanted to cover one of the bag organizers pockets entirely with roses! Before gluing it down, play around with the arrangement of your embellishments. This will make it easier to glue down later on, and we also wanted to make sure we had enough little rosettes to cover the entire surface area.

Now that you have a plan or rough design in mind, glue your embellishments onto the bag with your hot glue gun. (Note: always be careful when handling a hot glue gun, slowly and surely is always the best method).

After we covered the entire pocket, we glued down any awkward-looking pieces.

We had a couple of rosettes left over, so we decided to decorate the back pocket of our bag organizer as well! We measured the centre point of the pocket so that we knew where to place the rosette. Here's a tip: If you want to mark a certain point on your bag or fabric, but don't want to stain it, use cellophane or washi tape! After we marked the centre point, we glued down three rosettes.

And there you have it! So easy, yet the end result is so pretty! Here's what our ORGANIZE JACQ looked like before its transformation:


And this is our finished product, the rosy red Organize Jacq:

What did you think of our DIY? Would you make something like this yourself? Let us know in the comments! Until the next time, happy crafting everybody!

Upcycled Cardboard Box August 18 2017

We don't know about you guys, but we have a load of cardboard boxes just lying around the shop. Instead of leaving them to gather dust, we've decided to make a cute upcycled box from it! Keep reading to follow our process.


  1. Cardboard box
  2. Sellotape
  3. Sewing scissors (optional)
  4. Scissors
  5. Hot glue gun
  6. Scraps of cloth, or old pillowcases
  7. Pencil 

We had a very basic idea in mind: dress up the plain cardboard box with colourful, bright cloth! At first, we tried putting the box inside of the pillowcase, the way you would do to a pillow, but we discovered that the box was just slightly too big! >:(

We were disappointed but undeterred! We decided to open up the pillowcases so that we were left with a big piece of flat cloth. After we opened them up, we wrapped them around the box and marked (with a pencil) where we needed to cut off the excess cloth.

Ta-da! Now we just need to glue the cloth onto the box. We wrapped the box up, glueing down the edges as we went. We started with the bottom of the box, tucking the edges under the box to hide the raw edges. We did the same thing with the sides, wrapping the cloth around and glueing the edges down, but this time we tucked the raw end of the cloth underneath the hemmed edge, so it looks much nicer and cleaner!


Stage one, complete! You can actually stop here if you want a more minimal looking box. We wanted something more vibrant, so we added another old pillowcase with an adorable plaid print! We just followed the same steps: measuring the cloth, marking and cutting off the excess, and then wrapping the cloth around the cloth, glueing it down as you go. But since we can't hide the raw edges underneath the box like we did with the green cloth, we glued down the raw edges with our hot glue gun before wrapping up the box.

And we're done! Super simple, and so cute! We love that little pop of colour the printed cloth gave to the overall look. You can use it as a trash bin, or laundry hamper, or as a storage bin! It's pretty versatile, the only limit is your imagination :) Here are a few shots of the box in action:

We love how it turned out, and we hope this inspires you to make your own DIY upcycled cardboard box! If you do, please share your pictures with us, we'd love to see them. That's it from us this week! Til next time: happy crafting, everyone!

Simple and Easy Birthday Bunting! August 11 2017

What do you do when you can't find a suitable bunting for your son's birthday? You make your own, of course! Today's DIY is super simple, and a great way to liven up any party without taking up too much time. Here's what you'll need:

1. Coloured paper
2. Pen knife (or scissors)
3. String or twine
4. Hole puncher
5. Cutting mat (optional)
6. Pen or marker
7. Binder clip and paper clips

Before we begin, a party planner tip: follow a set colour scheme, that way your party decorations will have a sense of consistency, but still be fun and lively! In this case, our theme colours were white, red, and blue.

Let's start! First things first: mark out a series of triangles onto a piece of coloured paper.

Next, align all the pieces of coloured paper together, and place the paper with the triangle shapes on top. You can use binder or paper clips to keep the papers from moving around. And then, using your pen knife or scissors, cut out all the triangle shapes. We arranged around 5-8 pieces of papers on top of each other because it saves so much time and effort! This way, we don't have to mark out the triangles and then cut out each individual piece.

Next, take your hole puncher and punch two holes along the straight edge of your triangles, one on the left and one on the right. The finished result should look something like this:

So festive! If your triangles are multi-coloured like ours were, arrange them in an alternating pattern. Take your string or twine and thread it through the holes you made, like so:

And you're good to go! All you need to do now is hang up your bunting. So simple, and so cute! Here's a shot of the bunting in action:

 Referring back to our tip of sticking to a set colour scheme, here are some more pictures of the day's decorations.

And there you have it! A super simple DIY bunting. We just love the way they brightened up the party. What are some decoration tips and tricks you love? Let us know! Happy crafting, everybody!

DIY Envelope Bookmarks July 07 2017

I don't know about you, but our house is simply overflowing with envelopes from banks, and bills, bills, bills! We noticed the funky patterns printed on the inside of the envelopes, and with some awesome inspiration from Stickeriffic (a company that sells cute stickers, decals, and stationary), we transformed our plain, used up envelopes into 2 adorable bookmarks. (Psst, check out the Stickeriffic Facebook page while you're here!)

The first thing you'll need is an envelope! Cut it open with a pen knife or scissors (carefully!) to expose the pretty pattern inside. Next, cut out various rectangle and square shapes to make the bookmarks.

Once you've done that, it's time to glue the two sides together, and decorate! Sticking a quote, and some scrap paper onto the front of your bookmark are simple ways of making it look more interesting.

Here's a nifty trick: instead of using ribbon, use twine! It gives it a more rustic and vintage look to your bookmark. Also, if you're gifting this bookmark to someone, twine is more gender neutral than ribbon. A win-win!

The finished product! Not too shabby ;)

But that's not all! We were on a roll, so we decided to make one of those adorable page corner bookmarks we've been seeing everywhere online. Using some more pieces of envelope from before, we cut out a rectangle. The rectangle, once folded, should be a perfect square (like in the photo below):

Next, turn it so the plain side is facing you, and place your glue in a narrow strip along the top of the rectangle, and only the top! Fold it in half, and let the glue dry.

Once the glue is dried, you should have a square or diamond shaped pocket, perfect for sliding on to the tops of your pages! This next step is optional: we thought the bookmark looked a little plain, so we decorated it with some leftover scrap paper, and we also wanted to reinforce the glued edge.

Here's the wee pocket bookmark in action!

All in all, we're super satisfied with how our bookmarks turned out. How would you make yours? We'd love to see your creations! Happy crafting, everybody!

Selamat Hari Raya! June 28 2017

Who else has mixed feelings about going back to work after the long Raya weekend? We spent our holidays resting, catching up with old friends, and eating our fill of delicious Malay food!

Hari Raya Aidilfitri is honestly one of our favourite holidays in Malaysia, because of all the colourful outfits and decorations. It just feels so festive! Suasana meriah, riang-ria macam tu. It's just too bad we're too old for duit Raya ;)

Well, we might be too old to receive it, but we can certainly give it out! That's where our adorable Duit Raya Packet Holders come in. 100% handmade, they're sourced from local batik and songket fabrics, for that beautiful Malaysian touch. And even though Raya is just about over, we're still ranting and raving about them. Not only are they unbelievably cute, they're so convenient! You can fit up to 30 duit Raya packets in the two inside pockets!

We hope you all had a wonderful, joyful, awesome Hari Raya. It's the time of year to slow down, take it easy, and spend some quality time with our family and loved ones. Before we sign off, here's an old school pantun as a reminder of the true spirit and purpose for Raya:

Buah cempedak di luar pagar,
Ambil galah tolong jolokkan.
Saya budak baru belajar,
Kalau salah tolong tunjukkan.

Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir dan Batin!

October is all about pink..... October 13 2016

In conjunction with Breast Cancer Awareness month, we are giving away a BCWA mobile strap for every RM80.00 above spent in a single purchase. Get yourself checked if you have not.


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As we Malaysian love our food, we are celebrating Malaysia Day with 3 of our favourite food that represents that is all Malaysia, Char Kway Teow, Nasi Lemak and Sarawak Laksa. Collect all 3 as it ends on 16 September 2016.

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How to make a simple diaper cake June 04 2016

When my friend had her baby shower, I didn't know what to get her. She probably has everything already. So I made her a diaper cake!! No mother can ever have enough diapers (mothers out there will agree with me) Yes its really simple and I did it all by myself. I like this diaper cake because there was no pins involved and was easy to put it together.


You will need diapers, ribbons, strings, cake base, gifts to decorate the cake and something cylindrical for the middle part of the cake. I used about 60pcs of newborn diapers for this 3 tier diaper cake.


First, place the center piece ( I used a milk powder dispenser, you can use baby bottle or even a paper towel roll) in the baking tin. The baking tin will help you to hold the diapers around the centerpiece if you don't have another person to help you. Lay the diapers in a line and wrap around the centerpiece.


Once the diaper goes around the centerpiece, tie it tight with a string to hold it together. Move the first layer on to the base of the cake and work your tiers up.


Repeat by lining up the diapers and start building around the first tier. If you have 2 people doing it , it will be easier. The other person can hold the diapers together while the other ties a string around it. Place the tiers on top of each other.


Once done you can use ribbons to tie around the tiers. I used a wrapping paper and ribbon to make the borders thicker. I stuck the ribbon onto the wrapping paper and cut it to the width I like to wrap around the tier.


Because the diapers had prints on them, I made the borders thicker to cover more of the tiers. I added an alphabet J on it. And taaddddaaaa..... the Diaper cake is done. From here on you can put anything you like to decorate it. I would suggest to work with a theme or a color scheme. I worked with the color blue :)


The final piece at the baby shower. Simple and practical gift for the new mother-to-be. Try it out and look at pinterest for ideas on decorating the diaper cake. 


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Introducing ABU our adorable monkey April 13 2016

Introducing our 3rd member to our family, Abu the monkey. Handmade with love in Malaysia with colorful batik prints. Great companion and a gift to kids.
Abu is always smiley and happy. Always ready to give hugs away.

Say HI to your friends with a card and gift March 31 2016

For just RM20, a card and a tote bag to say HI or tell someone that you are thinking of them.
It's always nice to receive a card these days with everyone being so techy.

Fortune cookie purse to usher in prosperity and wealth February 14 2016

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GIN & JACQIE is ushering the Chinese New Year, with this Cheeky Monkey canvas tote January 29 2016

Happy Chinese New Year 2016!! Since its the year of the monkey, we have collaborated with our local Malaysian illustrator Ayamimlove for the print. Do check on for more of their fun and quirky illustrations.

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Introducing the adorable Dolli the Dugong October 12 2015

Dugong, manatees
Meet Dolli the Dugong the newest member of our family to LOVE MALAYSIA COLLECTION.
She is waiting to get adopted by little friends and to teach them about their extinction. Dugong also known as seacow can be found around the sea of Sarawak, Malaysia and are becoming extinct. Adopt one today and save the dugongs.

NEW COLORS for our BATU SEREMBAN August 02 2015

We are loving the new Borneo prints for our Batu Seremban!! Do check out for more colors at our store.

Selamat Hari Raya July 10 2015

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We are ushering Hari Raya with this limited edition Ketupat coin pouch. Designed exclusively by GIN & JACQIE, this ketupat pouch is also part of our effort in creating jobs for single mothers at Heart Treasures.

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