Super Simple Floral Headband DIY

Happy DIY Friday, everybody! We were in the mood for something simple, sweet, and preferably sparkly, and today's project definitely checked all those boxes! Read on to see how we added transformed a plain white headband into a personalised fashion statement. And, guys, this DIY was so easy to make, we can safely say that it's truly a five-minute craft! Here are the materials you'll need:


  1. Plain headband (a solid colour will work best)
  2. Floral embellishments
  3. Hot glue gun
  4. Scissors

The first step is to plan out the position of your embellishments.

Since we used a strip of flowers made from white sequins, it was a pretty straightforward process to plan out their position on the headband. Trim off the excess (if necessary).

Once you've decided roughly where you want to place your embellishments, it's time to glue them down! Using our trusty hot glue gun, we laid out small sections of glue directly to the headband, then (quickly!) put the floral strips onto the glue. Press firmly for a few seconds until the glue dries, and repeat until your entire headband is covered.

And there you have it: a beautiful floral headband!

Quick, easy, and inexpensive: this hairband DIY is the perfect little weekend project! It's also kid friendly, so you can get your little munchkins in on the action as well ;) Until next time, happy crafting!

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