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Back on shopify blog post and giving our blogsite a face lift

It has been exactly two years since we wrote our last blog. Why? Because I put my life on pause for a bit to have kids, two little ones to be exact and now my eldest has started school. So slowly I am getting a bit more ME time and returning to  things that fell off grid, like my blog writing which I enjoyed because it allowed me to research and talk about things I am passionate about.  

Thanks to Aisha Preece who inspired us to start our blog site again. If you need some motivation and inspiration head to her site Outandbeyond


Type of Content

This time around we will be writing about anything that is related to our industry. Previously we did a lot of DIYs posts and maybe we might throw a few of those back in for fun. However this time we want to write more broadly in the hope that readers find our content more relatable and enjoyable. A fun part about blogging is engaging with you guys, so we welcome feedback and comments on the different types of topics you would like to hear about. As a mother I am drawn to topics relating to motherhood, but I also work, exercise, enjoy food, spend time with friends, try to get out into nature as much as possible and I especially love to be creative. So I anticipate covering a lot of ground with my blogs, but would love some feedback and suggestions on things out there in the big world that relate to my industry, that I may not necessarily know about and would be happy to research and blog about. 


Guest Blogging

Yes, we would like to open up our blog site to guest post as well. Why? because like all things, a different writer will give you different insights on things and share different knowledge. Likewise, if you think we are good enough, we will be happy to write a guest post for you and other people. It has to go both ways ! Just drop us an email at info@ginjacqie.com.


Does bag size matter?

Size does matter in so many things, but when it comes to a bag it's quite important to get it right for the occasion and if not for the occasion, for practicality. These day we are drowning in carrying "stuff". So the question is, do you get a bag that fits all your "stuff", or do you minimize the "stuff" you have. Lets think about what it is we are all carrying. In our current covid-19 environment the following comes to mind:

1) Face mask

2) Hand sanitizer  

3) Sanitizer wipes

4) Tissues

5) Your purse

6) Keys / swipe

7) Chapstick/ lip stick

8) Handphone (being most important! we need our phone to scan into place and to take more photos for social media posts)

I would say the above list would be the minimum set of things in a handbag, of course depending on where you go you could have less. But of course there's no limit to how much more a woman could put in their bag. Obviously you may be limited by bag size. Which brings me back to, what is a decent size bag to go out with? Or should we say what is in your purse to decide what size bag.

Our mini MyBella bag is big enough for all your essentials!

So my palindrome Anna Clutch Bag, was designed to have size, style and sling. Size does matter when it comes to going out these days. Casing point with my list above. Style, because even the simplest of clothing can be dressed up with a lovely style bag. Finally, Sling bag. The option to sling this bag or carry it on your shoulder means you always have two hands free, but when do we honestly ever have both our hands free? Isn't one hand usually holding a mobile phone, maybe a take away coffee or quite simply someone else's hand.

Our Anna Black Clutch Bag is the ultimate day-to-night bag making it an investment piece worth buying. The slouchy silhouette gives the clutch bag a versatile look and can be worn for any occasions. Anna Black Clutch Bag features an adjustable, removable strap for clutch to crossbody wear and to baguette bag style by shortening the strap.

View more on our Anna Clutch bag at www.ginjacqie.com

Let me know your thoughts on what you would like to hear more from us. Just leave us your comments.

Till our next post ..... Bag in Bag out!!



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