14 Ways to Revamp Your Old Bags

revive and revamp your old bags

14 Ways to Revive and Revamp Your Old Bags

In the world full of trendy new bags, there is a closetful of bags at home begging to have its day under the sunlight. Unfortunately, some of the bags may look outdated or worn out. Well, great news for you! In this post, we will be sharing AMAZING ways to revamp your bags and make them look new and chic again!

Refresh bag straps

Use scarf as twilly to wrap around your existing bag straps

If you are not keen on making drastic changes to your bags, wrapping twilly over the bag straps is one of the safest ways to refresh the look of your bags without breaking a sweat. Here are some unique styles that you can try!

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Purseonfleek's Twilly Necklace

1. Change worn out straps with stylish scarves

Scarf is one of the most versatile accessories that everybody should have at least one in their wardrobe. A simple scarf can transform the look of your bag in few different ways. Change bag straps with scarves to give it a new look or to match your outfit.



Use the scarf as a bag strap! If the old straps are peeling off or are worn out, you can just use the twilly scarf as a bag strap.



2. Redecorate Bag Strap

Redecorate your bag strap if your bag strap is looking worn out or has stains you can't get rid of. Just use super glue and glue on flowers or anything that you fancy to revive the bag. It can be funky and a cool look too. You can even recreate bag straps from well-known brands such as Fendi and add your own twist to it. You can just add embellishment to the bag straps or even just buy a new bag strap and just change it! No effort needed.


Spruce Up Bags with Embellishments

There is a wide selection of embellishments to choose from and all you have to do is choose one that you like for your bags. Just pop in to any haberdashery shop and you will be spoiled for choice. Here are some examples of embellishments that you can try:

1. Studs

They sell these studs in strips at most haberdashery shop. Easy to stick on with superglue or some even come with ready to stick adhesives. It definitely will be a statement making bag.


2. Faux Pearls

Add faux pearls around the bag or even in patterns. Simple, easy and cheap to do, just buy a strand of faux pearls and just hot glue them on to the bag. It is perfect to cover stains that are not removable. You don't even have to buy the pearls if you have some old pearl necklace that you don't wear anymore.



Faux Flowers

Add flowers to your clutches or even your small sling bags. Use any plastic flowers that you have and just cut the stem off! Then get your hot glue gun or super glue and adhere the flowers to the bag. Perfect for the Spring and Summer look. All you have to do is choose that favorite flower of yours.


Funky Patches

Patches were trending back in 2018 when brands like Louis Vuitton, Moschino and Gucci released patches on their bags which took over the fashion world. You can still rock these patches on bags in 2021 and still look cool as ever! These patches are available in craft stores or you can simply make your own with few simple steps and materials.



Nothing screams bohemian more than TASSELS! Bohemian inspired styles often reflect on creativity and free self expression. If your aesthetic gravitates towards boho-chic style, then this tip is for you. All you need is a pair of scissors and some yarn or buy ready-made tassels from the store. Then, grab the bag you want to add the tassels to and unleash your creativity.


Faux Fur

Add a dash of luxury by decorating your bag with fur. Let's face it, real fur is a big NO for us but there are always alternatives like faux fur which are often sold in fabric stores. This hack is perfect for bags with surfaces that are ruined either peeled off or permanently stained. What a great way to save your favorite bags without breaking your bank!


Sparkling Crystals

Are you a fan of shining, shimmering, splendid bags? Crystals are quick fix for bedazzling your old bags. Not only your bag will have beautiful bling, crystals also gives out a royal vibe to it. Most crystals are easy to use as well because they often comes with flat backs which make it easy to glue to your bags with super glue or hot glue gun. You can also sew the crystals on your bags if they come with holes for the thread. Crystals are also very versatile to work with so you can just go crazy with the designs.



Crafty Embroidery

Now, this tips is for those out there who have a way with needles and threads! Embroidery on bags are so unique and beautiful. One of our favorite bag embroideries are floral bag embroidery by A Beautiful Mess. Get some ideas and designs from there. It will definitely inspire you to revamp that old bag of yours and give it a new look.


Add Colors to the Bag

1. Drawing/painting on the bag

If you are looking for a method to drastically revamp you bag, then painting on it is the way to go! Allow yourself to unleash the artistic spirit in you and paint whatever you like on your bag. Your bag painting designs do not have to be perfect which makes it a wonderful hack to give your bag a fresh look.



2. Dye the bag/change the color

Bag dyeing is a popular way to freshen up old bags now. Not only is it trendy but it is a fun DIY to do over the weekend. There are many ways you can color your bags either by soaking the bag in fabric solutions for fabric bags or you could also recolor your worn out leather bags with special leather colorants.


3.Tie dye the bags

This tips work best with plain canvas totes and bags. There are plenty tutorials online that shows you how to get the tie-dye effects that you envisioned your bag to have. Tie-dye bag is a cool way to add colors to your outfit too!

Adding Bag Charms to the bag

And for a lazy person like myself, just adding some fun little bag charms on the side gives the bag a new life too!

Top Designer Bag Charms for a Custom Look | LoveToKnow


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There are so many different ways to give your old bags new lives. In this era of fast fashion, we have to be mindful of our fashion consumption to avoid buildup of fashion wastes that are detrimental to the environment. Not only these tips could prevent wastes, it also does not break your bank. As they say REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE your old items! Do your part to help mother earth.

Bag in, bag out.

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