Gin & Jacqie™ bags are created for centred  people who are in-tune with themselves, who value items which are fashionable yet functional

Gin & Jacqie™ is a line of bags created by avid traveller and reluctant girl-on-the-go Jacqueline Ng.  In her search for functional everyday bags that are practical and stylish but do not cost a bomb; Jacqie discovered a niche in the market and decided to develop her own line of such bags. In a fast paced world where trends come and go, Gin & Jacqie™ is all about high functionality and performance without sacrificing style or quality. The core focus of the brand is well-made bags that are beautiful and appropriate be carried in any setting, be it the office, the mall or the resort, whatever your inclination.  The line focuses on classic shapes are complemented by an array of gorgeous fabrics and innovative detailing. Gin & Jacqie™ bags are made to be timeless and evergreen, to be as relevant today as they will be tomorrow.


The fundamental design principle of Gin & Jacqie™ is the creation of bags that provide long lasting utility, practicality and an unpretentious fashion focus set at palatable prices whilst maintaining a high level of quality. Materials and fabrics are selected to be durable, low on maintenance and wardrobe-friendly.
Always searching for functional and practical bags, Jacqueline thought that it would be a challenge to create her own. Having a keen interest in business, Jacqueline decided to quit her 9 to 5 job and to take the risk of setting up her own business.  As a girl on the go, she sought a laptop bag which she could carry around from day to night and not look out of style. Hence, with the start of laptop bags, a collection and a new upstart began.

Thoroughly in-tune with the needs of the modern woman, she now creates quality, fashionable bags which are functional and practical.



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