Mothers Day in Malaysia: 10 and more great gift ideas for your mother in 2021

Mothers day in malaysia 2021 and great gift ideas for mothers

How To Find a Great Gift for Mothers Day in Malaysia

If you are overseas and you want to send a gift during Mothers Day in Malaysia, how or where should you start? With Mother's Day approaching partners and children rack their brains for the ultimate Mother's day present. These days at a click of a button you can order a present from far and wide and have it at your door step in a matter of days. What we thought we could do, is introduce you to some amazing businesses in Malaysia to help you buy a lovely Mother's Day present. We think we could show you some gorgeous present options without you needing to worry too much about postage and shipping. 

There are two ways of buying a present. You find something nice and you hope the person you're buying for will like it. Or if you know the person, such as your mother then you need to research a bit and decide Knowing your mother, understanding what stage of life she's in, knowing what type of mother she is and her interests will help you decide  what type of present would suit her best. No one mother is the same, and no mother stays the same her whole life.

What do you buy your mom when she has everything?

Mothers get harder to buy for the more Mother's Days they have. So it can feel like she has everything, but it might just be a matter of being more creative or returning back to the simplest of gifts. This is where we hope we can show you a few local businesses for this Mother's Day in Malaysia that you might not have been aware of or products you did not know were out there.

Bangun Pagi Minum Kopi T-shirt by Home Too Much

This shirt says it all for mother's that need their caffeine fix early in the day,  "Wake up in the morning, Drink Coffee". Written in Bahasa Malaysia the words are simple and direct. It is a unisex free-size t-shirt and comes in black, white and grey. You could even get it to match your partner.  Perfect for the funny mum that might always joke that she cannot start the day without a cup of coffee.

Batik Songket Lavender Eye Mask → (more colours)

Batik Songket Lavender Eye Mask (RM125.00) by iWell Natural

Not just any sleeping mask, it is filled with real Lavender and oversized to give you complete blackout and help with deeper sleep. There are other fabric choices, but the different Batik Songket fabrics are beautiful. What lovelier  present than a present that helps a mother get better sleep.


Things You Need To Know Before You buy that gift for your mother

When buying for Mother's Day think about what kind of mother you are buying for? There are so many lists out there to categorise mothers and in reality no one mother falls under one list. Here are some of the present suggestions we think some mother's would like for Mother's Day in Malaysia this year:


The Stylish Cool Mom

These mums are pretty immaculate looking, wearing the latest trends and look every bit like they just walked off the pages of a magazine. These mother's stand out in every way and make motherhood look cool.

rattan lounge chair

 Mr GOULD (Rattan)

The Mr Gould chair was designed with the intention of paring down the support structure of a chair to its bare minimum and experiment with the seating material. We have successfully collaborated with a local rattan craftsman and local upholsterer to arrive at this version of the chair. 

You will need to pre-order this one at least 8 weeks before the date you want it to reach you.



15mm White Baroque Clip Earrings (RM150.00)

Pearls are always elegant for any woman. This 15mm white tear drop baroque freshwater pearls are set on a rhodium or 14k gold plated diamante clip backs. 

ink pot

HERBIN Ink Pot Round China W/Wooden Cube  (RM85.00)

Traditional style pot, cradled within a wooden base, in which to pour ink before drawing it up into your fountain pen. A great sturdy design, and unlikely to topple over, best to return any leftover ink to its bottle, until the next time your pen needs ink as the ink will likely dry up.

nikka- mocha

Nikka - Mocha  (RM169.00)

Its deconstructed silhouette is petite with a voluminous form to fit in more than just the little essentials. The Nikka clutch bag also features a detachable strap to transform into a crossbody bag for an instant style upgrade. 

The Casual Laid Back Mom

These mother's ooze comfort and practicality. Some  might even say relaxed. It is a broad category and overlaps with almost every mother, but these days even casual and laid back can look stylish.  These moms are not boring by any means, in fact they like to take on a bit of everything in their lives ie. colours, patterns and slogans.  But the main emphasis of this mom is not too much effort with maximum comfort and minimal stress. 

Lara Blue Lightweight Tote Bag is perfect as a casual or an everyday companion bag for your daily commute, holiday or even as a grocery shopping bag. This lightweight tote bag with a big base, makes searching for things easy. It also comes with a mini pouch to keep your small items like your make ups or even your cards and money.

Apartment Dress in Brown Gingham  (RM298.00)

Echoing the classic Gingham styles, this brown and white Apartment Dress conveys a nostalgic femininity. It's crafted from 100% Cotton, details like ruffled shoulders and single ruffle tier at the skirt are counterbalanced by elasticised sleeve cuffs for easy tug-up and a slightly high ruffle collar. A row of back buttons added yet another level of romance to the dress' back, reinforcing its classic qualities. It’s perfect for both day and night occasions. 


Bingka Tea House Tea Towel in Pink (RM40.00)

Liven up your kitchen with our beautiful silkscreen-printed tea towels! This design features a little secret dream of ours : A Bingka Tea House! A place for you and the girls (and boys!) to enjoy delectable kuihs and decadent cakes over exquisite tea and freshly brewed kopi, served over the most adorable Peranakan ware.

    Haiwan Malaysia Tote (RM125.00)

    Here are four of our favourite Malaysian wild animals on Peranakan tile inspired designs; two of our local loves combined! With a handy pocket for your essentials, this tote will make a great companion for your day to day adventures in the concrete jungle!


    The Sporty Active Mom

    These mother's look like they could break into a burpee at any minute, and make it look good.  Active wear is quite trendy these days, they often borderline being casual-lounge wear or quite simply look very cool and trendy. The stand out point about these moms is that they probably are in their active wear a bit longer than most because they are doing their family errands in between an exercise class. 

    Escard L - Dusty Pink  (RM89.00)

    Perfect to fit all your  everyday essentials. A zipped card case that can also fit a cell phone. Compact and great for a person on the go. 

    Add personalization of her name to make it uniquely hers.

     Farah Maxi Shopper - Oriental Building (RM399.00)

    These prints are inspired by some of the beautiful buildings in KL. The collection is called Jewel on the river Klang.

    The oriental building on Jalan Tun Perak in the city centre is one of the oldest art-deco buildings in Kuala Lumpur. Upon its completion, The Straits Times came up with its report titled “Tallest building in Kuala Lumpur – Insurance company’s new headquarters” dated 26 December 1932 stating that The Oriental Building was ready for use and would be officially opened the next day on 27 December 1932 by the British Resident of Selangor, Mr. T. S. Adams. The detailing on this building is incredible and was the inspiration for this print.

    Make your life effortlessly stylish with this stunning pouch, designed for keeping mask, keys and smaller items in an easy way. Brighten your bag with this beautiful pouch in classic pattern.


    The Busy Hard Working Mom

    These mother's have a more tailored appearance and you can almost see their minds working at 100km an hour managing work and family life. Efficiency is one of their strong points. Work attire and accessories are varied these days because it depends on their line of work. The corporate sleek and stylish look is always classic, but in the last decade or so pops of colour  and smart casual has entered the work place. More out going and louder personality mother's have appreciated the change and enjoy sprucing up their work attire with a bit more flare and colours.

    mothers day in malaysia

     Mother's day - Margaret Half Pearl Gift Set (RM119.90)

    MySophea plum sling bag, that comes with one long adjustable bag strap and a short strap, and small matching pouch. This 3-in-1 lightweight sling bag can be carried as a sling bag, a tote, or even as a wristlet. The lovely Margaret Half Pearl Bracelet is 18 karat gold plated metals and freshwater pearls. This bracelet adds a hint of elegance to your entire outfit! This simple & classic design is suitable to be worn with anything and is adjustable with a clasp to hook on any desired size.

    pink fountain pen


    KAWECO Perkeo Peony Blossom FP-M 0.9mm  (RM80.00)

    The Perkeo fountain pen in Peony Blossom offers a modern design for entry into the world of writing, regardless of age. The octagonal cap and the 16-edged barrel harmonize perfectly with each other, because the different angles create a unique play of light and shadow. But the Kaweco Perkeo in Peony Blossom doesn't just have a lot to offer visually. The ergonomic handle and the low weight support the posture and enable fatigue-free writing. The Kaweco Perkeo is available as a fountain pen in the nib sizes fine (F) and medium (M) including a royal blue ink cartridge.


    What gifts do new moms really want?

    New mother's are one of the easiest to buy for. They have not celebrated being a mother for very long and are happy with most things that are thoughtful and remind them of being a new time mum.



    Freya Mid Dress - Maroon & Pink (RM 220.00)

    This is a simple style with a waisted draw string if you chose not to wear it loose and wanted a bit of shape. It has lovely detail with ruffled sleeves and the material is hand block batik cotton. CHIYO designs and produces clothing (mainly for women and kids). For new mother's that like to match with their child, CHIYO's children's range is adorable and she can make things to match for both young boys and girls. 



    Design Letters Favourite Cup With Handle – Love (Nude) (RM139.00)

    Any mother would be tickle pink at receiving this beautiful cup that simply states "Love". No other word has a bigger impact on a new mom than this. Not only is this a popular cup, understated yet stylish it has a generous comfortable handle. It could would the the nicest cup to serve breakfast in bed for Mother's Day.

    Just as there is no two fingerprints that are the same, every mother is unique and there is no absolute present to suit every mother. Thankfully we live in an era where choice, variety, creativity and all of the above are pretty much a click and post away.

    Whether it be a big or small gesture, it is never about the grandness of the present, but the thoughtfulness behind it. Mother's rarely expect anything, and like parents teach us from young, it really is the thought that counts. So we hope we have been able to help you find that right present for your Mother on Mother's day in Malaysia this year. 

    Bag in and Bag out, until next time.




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