No Sew DIY - Customize a plain black pouch with some fun stickers!

No Sew DIY - Customize a plain black pouch with some fun stickers!

Do you guys have plain clutch, pouch, or even jacket lying around that you think needs a little more pizzazz? Add a personal touch to an item that's too plain with some fun stickers! You definitely don't have to be a DIY Queen to make this easy-breezy project ;) All you need are some inexpensive stickers, and a plain pouch or clutch, and you're good to go!


  1. Plain canvas pouch
  2. Stickers (the ones we used were designed for sticking onto fabric)
  3. Imagination! ;)

This DIY is so simple and yet the final effect is so adorable and quirky. All you have to do is stick your stickers onto your pouch, in whichever design you prefer. If you're nervous about the stickers falling off, we'd suggest some iron-on patches. If you're using iron-on patches, you just follow the instructions (usually printed on the packet itself), and press the patches onto the fabric of choice, ironing at medium heat with constant pressure and motion.

Here's the finished DIY:

How cute is that? We love super simple DIYs, and this is no exception. It turned out so cute and fun, we can't wait to put stickers on everything we own! Would you guys customize a pouch like this? Until next time, happy crafting, everyone!


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Gin & Jacqie

Hi Ayu,

We bought them from Kaison Malaysia, but if you check in a Daiso store, they should have some similar stickers as well :)

- Gin & Jacqie



Where can I buy the stickers? Thank you.

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