Simple, Quick & Affordable Sunglasses DIY

Happy Saturday, folks! You guys know that we are fans of DIY projects that are super easy and simple, with an adorable outcome. Get ready for today's edition: bringing some funky spirit to a pair of simple sunnies! We'll be customizing 2 different pairs of sunglasses today, and each one cost us less than RM10 (that's less than $2.55, USD!) to complete. Here are the materials you'll need.


  1. Sunglasses (the plainer the better)
  2. Decoration items (we used some gorgeous foil butterflies for this DIY)
  3. Hot glue gun

Note: All these items were picked out from Super Save and Mr. DIY, local stores that have some really cool items for affordable prices. Let's get started! For the first pair of funky sunnies, we wanted a more simple and classic look. Each of the little butterflies has its own adhesive pad on the back, since they were made for sticking onto different surfaces. We recommend using a hot glue gun anyway; you want to be 100% sure these little guys won't be flying off! Carefully dot some glue onto the back of your decoration item, and then hold it in place for a few seconds until the glue cools off and hardens.

That's that! Look at how adorable the shades are, with just that small alteration! Alright, on to the next pair: our leopard print cat eye shades! We were inspired by the cool frame shape and quirky animal print, so we went a little wild! We basically repeated the same process as the previous shades, just with more butterflies. A whole lot more butterflies ;)

Voila! From subtle chic to full-blown butterfly madness! We love how this simple addition to a neutral pair of shades just takes them to a whole other level. Take a look at these gorgeous shades in action:

Would you ever decorate your sunnies like this? Let us know! Until next time, happy crafting, everyone!

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