Turn An Old Shirt Into A Tote Bag: No-Sew Tutorial!

Turn An Old Shirt Into A Tote Bag: No-Sew Tutorial!

Hi everyone! Here's a DIY project we've been wanting to do for a while: transforming an old, well-worn shirt into a cute tote bag! We couldn't believe how easy it was! Read on to see how we made our tote bag, no sewing required!

Old t-shirt
Cellophane tape (optional)

The first thing you'll need to do is to cut off the sleeves and neckline. You can make the neckline opening as big as you want as this will be the opening of the tote bag.

We're halfway there! Cut off the bottom hem of the t-shirt. Then, cut a fringe all along the bottom, ours were about 3 inches in length. You could just eye-ball it at this point, but if you're slightly OCD about making all the small fringe bits uniform in size (like we are XD) then here's a handy tip: place cellophane tape all along the bottom as your guide lines!

Here comes the fiddly part. Line up the top and bottom layers of the fringe, and tie them in a simple knot. You could stop at this single knot, but we noticed a tiny gap between each set of knots. To fix this, we tied a second knot using the “top” fringe from one pair and the “bottom” fringe from the pair next to it. And voila, no more gap!

And you're done! We love this no-sew technique, the fringe looks so cute and on-trend. Here are a few shots of our new tote in action!

You can also use it in two different ways: a simple tote bag, or tie the handles in a knot and transform it into a cute casual bucket bag!

We absolutely adored how it turned out! We think it would make a perfect shopping bag, or beach day carry-all. The knit fabric of the t-shirt is nice and stretchy, and really takes a lot of weight, so we hope to get a lot of use out of it!

Until next time: happy crafting, everyone!

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