Confetti Coloured Bowl DIY - inspired by Oh Joy!

Confetti Coloured Bowl DIY - inspired by Oh Joy!

Hi again, everyone! It feels like such a long time since our last tutorial, and today's DIY is such a fun little project for a slow weekend afternoon. We bought an inexpensive white bowl and transformed it from Plain Jane to Chic Monique using only nail polish! This colourful DIY was actually inspired by Oh Joy!'s Large Confetti upholstered armchair. Do yourself a favour and follow them, their blog and Instagram is an endless source of inspiration and #goals ;) Let's get down to the materials you'll need:


  1. Bowl, mug or pot. It can be any colour you want, but we recommend a solid colour so that your nail polish will show up nice and bright!
  2. Nail polish!

The first thing you want to do is make sure your bowl or mug is clean. We don't want any oily residue or dust particles to get trapped in the nail polish, so give it a good scrub before you start painting. Once your bowl is clean and dry, you can start painting your design straight away.

A tip before you begin: try and paint your bowl in a well-ventilated area so that you won't be too bothered by the nail polish fumes, especially if you're painting more than one bowl. You can paint on any design you'd like, but this was our inspiration for our design, an upholstered armchair by Oh Joy!:

Let's start painting!

And painting some more! Of course, we added some glitter polish because, why not? ;)

Once you're happy with how your design is looking, leave it to air dry for about 10 - 20 minutes. We also fired it up in the microwave for about 5 minutes on high heat, just to make sure the nail polish doesn't budge!

And here's a look at the finished DIY:

You can use it to keep your jewellery and accessories, as a candy dish, even as a pot for your house plants! This bowl was so fun and easy to make, and really brightens up any room instantly. Would you make something like this with nail polish? Give it a try for your next craft project! Until then, happy crafting everybody!

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