Best handbags for Working Moms

hand bags for working moms

Best handbags for working moms 

Practical and fashionable hand bags for the office and your daily commute

Handbags are the single one most important item for a mom-on-the-go. Something we can't live or go without. Regardless of the type of handbags we mom carry, the handbag needs to be able to accommodate everything we need!

Of course, being a mother doesn't mean we have to look frumpy or less fashionable, so I have done some snooping around and found the best handbags for working moms like us. Not only does the bag has to look good ( and make us look good carrying it), it also has to be functional. So here we go working moms out there, the below bags should fit your budget, your lifestyle and that it serves its purpose - to be able to carry/ store all the things we need!!

Top 10 best handbags for working moms

There are hundreds over handbags out there, what we have picked are local Malaysian brands, price below RM 400.00 and the bag is not too small ( not those small and fashionable pretty looking hand bags) if you are looking for those you need to log out of this page cause the bags we picked are practical for MOMS! Yup so here it goes .....

Eslona - beige canvas (RM 89.00) 

This tote bag is great for your daily commute, as a diaper bag or even for grocery shopping. With a large open top opening you can put lots of things in them. It is coated with water repellent coating making it easy to clean and care for. 

PROS: With the large compartment, you can put in everything and anything from your laptop to your own essentials and even has extra space for your kids' stuff. The repellent coating makes it easy to care for and the canvas bag can be washed. The best part of the bag is you get to personalize the bag by customizing your name on it for a minimal charge.

CONS: It has only 3 compartments in it so you will be digging into the bag to find your things. The bigger the bag, more things to put so you might end carrying more things than you need.


 3 in 1 set


Daniela Tote Bag Set (RM 209.00)

Daniela Tote Bag Set is designed for your everyday use. It's ultra practical bag set is made from textured vegan leather and consists of a large tote bag, a large crossbody pouch and a card holder - yes all 3 items for the price of one!

PROS: Firstly the price for the set of all 3 items is a great deal. If you are a organize person this whole set is great, your work items goes into the large tote bag, you can keep all your personal items (like your wallet, phones, keys and make ups ) in the crossbody pouch. The best part is it comes with a matching card holder for your business cards and the loyalty programme cards. Comes in various colors to choose from which are easy to match any outfits.

CONS: The tote bag is not that large so if you are thinking of putting a 15" laptop or bigger it might not fit! Due to it being more like a handbag, the bag might not carry heavy weight and definitely it won't fit all your things as well as kids' stuff. 

Anna Black Clutch Bag (RM 159.00)

GIN & JACQIE has come up with "one bag with many looks". The latest Anna Black Clutch Bag is the ultimate day-to-night bag making it an investment piece worth buying. The slouchy silhouette gives the clutch bag a versatile look and can be worn for any occasions. 

PROS: One bag that gives you many looks. The removeable adjustable strap is a great feature to create different looks through out your day from clutch to crossbody wear and to baguette bag style by shortening strap. The water-resistent material makes it easy to care for. If you want a bag to look stylish, yet light-weight this bag is for you.

CONS: No doubt the bag is roomy enough to carry your essentials, it will not fit your laptop or your work stuff. If you over stuff the clutch bag, it will look like a fluffy pillow. 

 somtime bag designer

NWL Lilac (RM 189.00)

The NW collection from Sometime by Aisan Designer adopts a modern aesthetic and is enhanced by the T-I-Y (tie it yourself) concept that offers a contemporary inventive method to creative styles. The NW L boasts a simple symmetrical structure and has a spacious interior to carry everything you need for the day while on the go. 

PROS: The TIE IT YOURSELF is a great concept, so that you can adjust the strap to your liking and to your look. It also comes with a sling strap. We love that you can personalize the bag by adding your name on it.

CONS: The bag is not that big, perfect for your daily run but definitely won't fit your office essentials like laptop in it. With the T-I-Y concept this bag probably can't carry weight, imagine if you don't tie your strap properly and it comes loose! A nightmare.


Studded Tote Bag (RM 339.90)

Designed in a sleek black finish, this spacious piece can fit all of your daily essentials with plenty of room to spare — it even comes with a detachable pouch. Secured with a push-lock closure and trimmed with a sleek studded design, this is the season to swap out your regular office bag for this chic beauty. Match it with tailored pants and printed blouse to nail that corporate chic look.

PROS: The bag definitely looks sleek and fashionable. It is great that its comes with an adjustable detachable strap for you to change the look of the bag. Love that it comes with an inner detachable pouch too, to keep all the essentials so that you don't have to keep digging into the bag

CONS: The size is great if you don't intend to carry your laptop and your notebook. If you keep to the bare minimal, this bag will be suitable for you. But if you want to some of your kids' stuff in, it might be a bit too much.


Zelda Tote Bag Large Brown (RM 169.00)

This tote bag is simple and large enough to put your essentials and work stuff. The canvas material with large opening makes pulling things in and out easy.

PROS: The price is affordable and comes in various colors to suit your look. Having a removeable pouch makes organizing all your small items easier too.

CONS: It might be hard to keep it clean as it is canvas. A bag with 3 interior compartments doesn't leave you much room to have your things organized in the big bag.

 rattan duck bag

The Rattan dUCk Yasmin Bag - Ivory (RM 400.00)

Yasmin presents classic to your modern-day aesthetics. Paired with faux leather and monogram lining, the rattan’s natural material is an elevated finish that takes a look from casual to chic real quick. The focal point may be its woven rattan details, but you’ll find so much room to fit all your essentials too.

PROS: We love this rattan look, not only is it chic and fashionable we love the space it has as a tote. It definitely have enough room for all our things. A bag that can take you from office to your outings without looking out of place.

CONS: Wish there was as sling strap to go with it, so we can use it hand -free and sling it on our shoulder. The handle strap doesn't seem like it will take good weight due to the stitching so maybe we need to be a bit more careful not to put too heavy. Also the price.... it may be on a high side. 

The Disco Bag Mooncake Yellow (RM 150.00)

We love Nala's prints, this lifestyle brand specialises in pattern design inspired by Asian culture and heritage. This crossbody sling bag easily fits your computer and everything else you may need.

PROS: The fabric is not only water-proof, the unique pattern is inspired by vintage antique mooncake moulds making it an eye catching design. The sturdy bag strap is adjustable and carries good weight, and all the trimmings are genuine leather. Best of all you can sling it across your body and have your hands-free. Lastly we love the price! So affordable for this unique look.

CONS: The crossbody bag may not suit everyone's style and its not as flattering or fashionable as other bags. If you are into fashion and wanting to look stylish, this bag isn't for you. NEXT!

 christy studio canvas bag

Allison 105 Navy (RM 238.30) 

Christy Studio are handmade everyday bags, where quality meets practicality. This backpack with expandable roll-top design makes room for more storage when needed. The sturdy thick canvas is water resistant and this bag has many compartments to help you organize your things. 

PROS: Back pack is great for carrying heavy load as the shoulder strap will distribute the weight and give you less injuries in the long run. It definitely keep your hands free to do anything or to carry your baby or toddler. Given the material, it is low maintenance and you don't need to worry about where you leave the bag. For a handmade bag with quality - the price is definitely affordable.

CONS: Back pack somehow just doesn't make you look stylish or feminine when you carry it. You can't wear a dress and get away with carrying a backpack, so enough said. But for practicality and an everyday on the go, this bag will be perfect.


 Lara Blue Lightweight Tote Bag (RM109.00)

Lara Blue Lightweight Tote Bag is perfect as a casual or an everyday companion bag for your daily commute, holiday or even as a grocery shopping bag.

PROS: Lightweight and water repellent the bag is easy to carry for. The big base, of this tote makes searching for things easy. It also comes with a mini pouch to keep all your small items like make ups and cards. We love how you can change its look just but clipping on the side hook to make it to a trapezium shaped tote bag.

CONS: If you are looking for something more office like, this tote bag will definitely look too casual. If you are not a print person and like solid colors, this bag is not for you! 

Types of handbags which is practical for working moms


What is a tote bag?

A tote bag is simply a large bag suitable for carrying lots of stuff like a bottomless pitch bag. They are also known as carry-all bags and there is hundred of tote bag styles out there. 


Basically a tote bag is a large bag. Big enough to carry all you need for the whole day - wallet, phones, laptop, books, water bottle and even your kids snacks and change of clothes! The beauty of a tote bag is its flexibility, and you can keep putting things in until the bag gives way (literally). Tote bag often have a single large interior compartment, and some will offer interior pockets for basic organization. 


Tote bag has two long straps that is worn on the shoulder and a wide opening top. The wide opening allows easy access on the go as well as well as easy viewing on whats in the bag. 


Most tote bags are just big bags with straps, and they don’t provide any structure at all (like a plain cotton shopping bag), and some are structured that it makes it look bulky carrying it. 

Tote bags come in so many different material from canvas to cotton to nylon and ever so lovely leather. One will choose base on their needs and functionality of it.


What is a crossbody bag?

A crossbody bag style is made with one long strap that crosses over the body diagonally with the bag section resting at the front by the waist or at the hip (depending on how you like to wear it). Crossbody bag is also known as a sling bag. Normally people like crossbody bag because they can have their hands-free.


Crossbody bag size are normally small to medium. It has limited space due to the style of the bag which only has one long strap. It normally fits your basic essentials and a laptop (again it will depend on the size of the laptop) Due to the ''one long strap'' the size and weight to carry for a crossbody bag is limited.


Crossbody bag comes in one long strap, normally the strap is adjustable to vary the length of the bag for different height of a person. Some of the crossbody strap are detachable so that you can swap your strap from thin to thicker strap.


The crossbody bag is normally sleek and non-bulky, it is perfect for busy mom who wants their hands free to carry or chase after their kids or to carry groceries. Crossbody bag come in so many sizes, colors, patterns, and styles, there's definitely one for any woman who wants to enjoy a hassle-free handbag option.


 What is backpack?

A backpack is fairly large bag used to carry things on your back (especially by people who goes camping or walking) It has padded shoulder straps and sometimes with a hip belt. Easy and great way to carry heavy load items and lets you keep your hands-free. I find that men likes to use backpack more than women (cause it looks less feminine)


Backpack comes in various shapes and sizes from small, medium to large. You can choose a backpack depending on the purpose of it (from hiking to going to school to even going for casual outings)  


The shoulder straps are normally padded and helps to distribute weight evenly between both shoulders.The straps are adjustable to help correct the position of the bag to the height of the person. Most importantly the width between the shoulder straps determine comfort of carrying the backpack.

Some backpacks come with a hip belt to help distribute the weight from the shoulder to the hip. But hip belts are mostly common in outdoor and travel backpacks that are designed to carry heavy loads.


Backpack comes in various styles and materials. I must say it is one bag that has a lot of compartments with different openings (be in from the top of the bag, front or even side pockets) If you are an organize person, the backpack definitely no less than 10 pockets in one bag! The downside is most backpack doesn't look feminine and items are hard to reach. You will need to remove your backpack in order to access your things in the bag!

The bag must serve the purpose in the end

So, when it comes to updating my bag for the new season, space for my work laptop and pockets for my mom supplies are a must. Plus, it’s helpful if the bag easily slings over my shoulder or comes with a crossbody strap so my hands can be free.

Before you choose any bag, you must know what kind of style you like (are you more fashionable or more practical, do you need more compartments in a bag?) and what are the main things you will be carrying in them - more work things or kids things?

I hope the above on best handbags for working moms gave you more insight on how to choose a suitable bag for yourself. Till our next blog ........... Bag in, Bag out!!


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