Summer Lovin' Beach Hat DIY

Hi, everyone! With all this sunshine and the school holidays, we've been in a summer lovin' kind of mood lately! For today's DIY project, we wanted to jazz up a plain sun hat with some sequins and pom poms! Here's what you'll need for this summery DIY:


  1. Plain inexpensive hat
  2. Decorative items (we used a string of pom poms and sequins)
  3. Hot glue gun
  4. Scissors

Let's get down to it! The first thing you'll need to do is clean off any bits of fluff or dust from your hat. Once you're ready, lay the string of sequins (or twine, etc) onto the hat and plan the words you want to spell out. In keeping with the vacation/summer theme, we opted for the words "off duty" :p


And here comes the fiddly bit! Once you're happy with the placement of your sequins, use the hot glue gun to glue it in place. We recommend you glue them down in small sections, since the glue dries down pretty quickly. The method that worked for us was to "draw" the letters on with the glue gun, and then quickly (but carefully!) lay down the sequins on top of the glue.


There you go! A pretty sequined hat with a cheeky phrase, perfect for showing off at the beach. You can always stop here, but we wanted to all that pop of colour! Using the same method as before, we glued our string of pom poms right arounf the crown of the hat. Tip: glue both ends of the pom pom string so that it won't fray or come loose!


It came out so cute! The multi-coloured pom poms look so good against the black material of the hat and we love how the sequins just sparkle under the sunlight. Check out the finished product:

Would you make this beach hat? Let us know! Until next time, happy crafting, everybody!

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