Minimalist Diaper Bags for Dads

Minimalist Diaper Bags for Dads

Father’s Day will be coming up soon and we might have the perfect gift for the dads out there especially the ones with small children. Throughout the recent years, we have seen a large number of fathers being more involved in childcare, which is great considering that typically both parents are working in most families these days. Have you ever walk-through shopping malls and envy the moms with stylish diaper bags that carry all the baby’s essentials whilst looking effortlessly cool? We love minimalist diaper bags and have been doing a lot of research, but we noticed most of the diaper bags were designed to appeal the moms compared to dads. Well, in this post, we will be featuring some of the best minimalist diaper bags for dads – because we understand dads want to look just as stylish and cool too while chasing the little ones around the store.

What are we looking for in a Minimalist Diaper Bag for Dads?

According to article by, a great diaper bag should have a wipe-clean surface, because babies are messy creatures, and ample pockets for bottles, keys, phones, pacifiers, and snacks. As most parents are working and often need to tote around their laptop or files alongside their baby bottles, a great diaper bag usually features a padded compartment perfect to slide in the essentials for work. This way, your minimalist diaper bag could then be converted as your minimalist work bag when the child has grown. It will be good for the environment because not a bag wasted and good for your pocket as well – how smart is that? Another feature that most fathers sought after in a diaper bag would be a convenient built-in changing mat. Let’s face it, here in Malaysia most baby changing facilities are located in the female restrooms and unfortunately fathers who need to change their babies’ diapers have no access to such amenity. Luckily, many diaper bags in the market these days come with the innovative fold-out changing mats that will protect babies from unsanitary surfaces during diaper change.

11 Best Minimalist Diaper Bags for Dads

Putting into consideration all the features that we listed and adding minimalist style factor into the mix, we came up with 15 minimalist diaper bags that dads could proudly rock down the supermarket aisles.

1. Todak Canvas Backpack

The Todak Canvas Backpack is minimal but extremely well-built, made to be used almost anywhere on any occasion. This canvas bag features two front zipped pockets, a laptop compartment inside and an adjustable industrial strap. The ample space in the bag allows dads to fit in all the babies’ essentials. The bag is left with a spacious front and can be personalized with various patches and enamel pins to spice up the look. This one is definitely for the cool dad who loves BLACK!!!

2. Bagman Custom-Made Backpack Blue

With a clean design, the Bagman Custom-Made Backpack Blue truly fit the description of minimalist bag. The bag features multiple compartments and easy access pockets suitable for stuffing extra diapers, toys, or snacks. It also comes with expandable mesh bottle holder with Velcro on both sides which could secure milk bottles in place. Padded pocket for laptop is also included on the inside of the bag. The best thing about this bag is it has thick padded adjustable shoulder straps for more comfort while carrying the bag. Given the price it is definitely in the affordable price range.

3. Greenroom136 Rainmaker in Brown

Simple clean cuts, yet highly functional at where it counts. This minimalist bag is made for the hardcore travelling road warrior of today's entrepreneurial world or any heroes without capes called dads. The bag is built to be super tough; water resistant to the core with amazing gear organisation; super comfortable to carry and clam shell laptop compartment to boot. It definitely can double up as a trekking bag too!

4. Rosie Pope Highbury Hill Diaper Bag Backpack



This chic backpack diaper bag from Rosie Pope is stylish enough to take anywhere and perfect for designer bags aficionado dads. Featuring a durable carry strap and handles, plenty of pockets and storage space and a drawstring closure, this bag keeps everything a parent needs securely and comfortably held within. We like that the exterior can be easily wiped clean and the interior lining is water resistant (which makes cleaning easy!) There is a few ways to carry the handle too, with top carry and dual, adjustable and detachable backpack straps.

5. Paperclip Willow Recycled Ocean Plastic Convertible Backpack Diaper Bag


A travel-friendly diaper bag is the newest best friend of the environment and parents, made from water bottles and featuring a roll-out changing station. Now you can conveniently and safely change baby's diaper virtually anywhere with the unique, dad-designed integrated changing station that provides privacy and security with built-in sidewalls and detaches with ease when it is time to be cleaned. The backpack/messenger-bag design also features the best of business-travel features, such as a padded laptop compartment and a luggage pass-through pocket to let your suitcase do the lugging. Hurried parents have at least one less worry navigating ports of all sorts with members of the diaper set in tow. This is definitely one of our favorites, one bag that has so many functions.

6. Colorland Burnell Baby Changing Backpack with Attached Changing Mat at Front


Colorland is a UK based company well-known among parents for their practical and undeniably fashionable diaper bags. Colorland was founded by an engineer and mother to find that perfect mix of fashion, safety, and function. This bag is made of waterproof nylon, so it is completely safe to spill milk or juice on it. The bag’s wide-open design and large capacity allows you to fit in all the baby essentials such as toys, bottles, snacks, wipes, diapers and more! And the coolest thing about this bag is not only it is designed with minimalist clean silhouette, but it also features diaper changing mat adhered on the bag front, which is detachable and convenient. We find that this bag is more unisex and the mothers will be happy to carry it too!

7. Burberry Diaper Bag

Here is another minimalist diaper bag for our fashion enthusiast dads out there. Like all the best designer diaper bags, this Burberry backpack is a baby bag in disguise: A neatly compartmentalised backpack in leather-trimmed ECONYL® – a sustainable nylon yarn made from regenerated fishing nets, fabric scraps and industrial plastic. The black nylon and leather trim exterior is stylish and subdued enough to pass for simply a trendy bag but pop it open and you are greeted with six interior pockets, a removable changing pad and plenty of space for baby’s essentials. What we don't like about it is the price tag that comes with it!! 

 8. Colorland Ariana Faux Leather Backpack, Changing Bag in Black

Great construction and all the functionality parents need in a diaper bag. Perfect for both minimalist mom and dad, this backpack has all the must-have features of a classic diaper bag including all the necessary pockets for the ultimate organization. This backpack offers the convenience of hands-free parenting on the go. Minimalist parents love this leather backpack diaper bag – even if you are not an everyday minimalist dad, sometimes we just do not want to deal with big, heavy, bulky diaper backpacks. It looks modern and sleek and still very practical for busy lifestyle. This diaper backpack has 9 pockets and includes a changing pad to keep diapering convenient and a wet bag to separate dirty clothes from the clean stuff. The diaper backpack is made of faux leather (PU leather) which is waterproof and easy to wipe clean. The interior nylon lining is also dirt repellent and easy to wipe clean. The external side pockets fit normal and oversized water bottles to keep dad and kids hydrated. Internally you have a slip pocket great for pacifiers and another one for little toys to keep baby entertained, along with 2 thermal pockets. There is plenty of room inside for extra clothes for baby, snacks, a blanket, and formula container. We do love how its well designed and comes in 5 other colors, but the PU leather does add weight to the bag and gives it a stiff feel.

9. Pipi Bear Large Travel Backpack

Pipi Bear Large Travel Backpack is distinguished by its roll-down design. The top can be extended when you need extra space or rolled down to create a smaller bag for lighter loads. The handsome leather straps use magnetic closures, making it very easy to secure the main compartment. The bag comes with a removable changing pad, two exterior bottle holders, and plenty of pockets for baby gear. The interior of the bag is lined for easy wipe-down cleaning. This minimalist design diaper backpack adopts high-quality water-resistant durable oxford cloth and nylon fabric, easy to clean. A multi-function diaper bag without sacrificing fashion  and mom can definitely borrow it too

10. Herschel Settlement™ Sprout Backpack 

Perfect for on-the-go parents, the timeless Settlement™ Sprout backpack includes highly functional details. While it looks like your already-favourite minimalist backpack, this diaper bag hides integrated storage for diapers, wipes, and toys, with an easy-access folding changing mat that stows in a custom compartment. We know that Herschel is a brand for bags that has been around. Their reasonable price for their quality, has always been one of our favorite.

11. Eddie Bauer Places & Spaces Bridgeport Diaper Bag Backpack

The Eddie Bauer Places & Spaces Bridgeport Backpack diaper bag provides ultimate storage and organization with plenty of room for all of dad's, mom's and baby's needs with a spacious main compartment and 7 storage pockets. This bag is packed full of functional features like the 2 interior and 1 exterior insulated bottle pockets designed to keep bottles and food fresh. A large zippered front pocket securely holds your wallet, keys, cell phone and much more. For your convenience, it also includes an easy pop-open removable wipes case and changing pad, great for on-the-go diapering. Carrying is a breeze with padded and adjustable shoulder straps and top handle. The fashionable grey fabric with tan faux leather trim completes the stylish appeal of this ultra-functional bag.

Quick Tips For Choosing Minimalist Diaper Bags For Dads

There are many different factors to consider while picking out the best minimalist diaper bag, but with the help from article, we have summarized it into four important points:

  • Diaper bags do not have to be baby-specific – The main purpose of a diaper bag is to carry all the baby stuff you need. But let’s face it, your baby will grow up and you will need to repurpose the bag for your own use later on.
  • Backpack is always the safest choice – Backpacks are simply easier to carry around compared to the single-strap bag. A backpack also leaves both hands free to handle other tasks and carry your baby/toddler.
  • Choose the one that is convenient to use – Choose one that’s easy for you to use. For example, zippers are much easier to use and are a lot more reliable than velcro. Plus, they don’t make noise. Just keep in mind how easy a bag is to use before making a selection.
  • Go crazy with the pockets – Lots of pockets are helpful! When it comes to caring for your baby, you have to bring a lot of items with you. Pockets will help you to keep your things organize too!

We agree that every new parent needs a diaper bag, ideally an affordable diaper bag. Raising kids isn’t cheap. Call us crazy, but spending a fortune on a diaper bag, (something you’ll use for about two years, maximum three years), doesn’t make much sense. So choose a diaper bag which you can reuse it as a work bag or travel bag later on and yes, we will definitely choose something that doesn't cost us an arm and a leg!! Cause we will need that extra money to buy milk and diapers.

Feel free to drop us a comment and let us know what topics you would like us to write on. Till our next post Bag in, Bag out!!!


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