Upcycled Cardboard Box

Upcycled Cardboard Box

We don't know about you guys, but we have a load of cardboard boxes just lying around the shop. Instead of leaving them to gather dust, we've decided to make a cute upcycled box from it! Keep reading to follow our process.


  1. Cardboard box
  2. Sellotape
  3. Sewing scissors (optional)
  4. Scissors
  5. Hot glue gun
  6. Scraps of cloth, or old pillowcases
  7. Pencil 

We had a very basic idea in mind: dress up the plain cardboard box with colourful, bright cloth! At first, we tried putting the box inside of the pillowcase, the way you would do to a pillow, but we discovered that the box was just slightly too big! >:(

We were disappointed but undeterred! We decided to open up the pillowcases so that we were left with a big piece of flat cloth. After we opened them up, we wrapped them around the box and marked (with a pencil) where we needed to cut off the excess cloth.

Ta-da! Now we just need to glue the cloth onto the box. We wrapped the box up, glueing down the edges as we went. We started with the bottom of the box, tucking the edges under the box to hide the raw edges. We did the same thing with the sides, wrapping the cloth around and glueing the edges down, but this time we tucked the raw end of the cloth underneath the hemmed edge, so it looks much nicer and cleaner!


Stage one, complete! You can actually stop here if you want a more minimal looking box. We wanted something more vibrant, so we added another old pillowcase with an adorable plaid print! We just followed the same steps: measuring the cloth, marking and cutting off the excess, and then wrapping the cloth around the cloth, glueing it down as you go. But since we can't hide the raw edges underneath the box like we did with the green cloth, we glued down the raw edges with our hot glue gun before wrapping up the box.

And we're done! Super simple, and so cute! We love that little pop of colour the printed cloth gave to the overall look. You can use it as a trash bin, or laundry hamper, or as a storage bin! It's pretty versatile, the only limit is your imagination :) Here are a few shots of the box in action:

We love how it turned out, and we hope this inspires you to make your own DIY upcycled cardboard box! If you do, please share your pictures with us, we'd love to see them. That's it from us this week! Til next time: happy crafting, everyone!

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