Selamat Hari Raya!

Who else has mixed feelings about going back to work after the long Raya weekend? We spent our holidays resting, catching up with old friends, and eating our fill of delicious Malay food!

Hari Raya Aidilfitri is honestly one of our favourite holidays in Malaysia, because of all the colourful outfits and decorations. It just feels so festive! Suasana meriah, riang-ria macam tu. It's just too bad we're too old for duit Raya ;)

Well, we might be too old to receive it, but we can certainly give it out! That's where our adorable Duit Raya Packet Holders come in. 100% handmade, they're sourced from local batik and songket fabrics, for that beautiful Malaysian touch. And even though Raya is just about over, we're still ranting and raving about them. Not only are they unbelievably cute, they're so convenient! You can fit up to 30 duit Raya packets in the two inside pockets!

We hope you all had a wonderful, joyful, awesome Hari Raya. It's the time of year to slow down, take it easy, and spend some quality time with our family and loved ones. Before we sign off, here's an old school pantun as a reminder of the true spirit and purpose for Raya:

Buah cempedak di luar pagar,
Ambil galah tolong jolokkan.
Saya budak baru belajar,
Kalau salah tolong tunjukkan.

Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir dan Batin!

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