Maya Kebaya Purple Card Holder

Kebaya Purple Card Holder

This Maya Kebaya Purple Card Holder is a slim and compact and comes with a detachable chain.  It can be used as a business card holder, or even as a mini wallet for those who wants to go minimalist. The zipper compartment is a great way to keep things you don't want to lose, while the outside pockets can be used for quick-access items.

  • Holds 3 to 7 cards
  • Keeps bulk to a bare minimum
  • Quick access slots for cards
  • Extra slot to keep money 
  • Additional zipper compartment for coins or essentials
  • Comes with a chain for you to hang it around your neck or on bags

Inspired by our traditional Kebaya which is a symbol of allure and femininity. In Malaysia we celebrate its diversity and evolution. Like Kebaya and Sarong who are inseparable, here's our way of sticking to traditions with the hope that they'll last through the test of time. Enjoy our Kebaya Purple Card Holder and celebrate tradition with us!

Material: Printed PU Leather
Size: 8cm x 12cm
Chain length: 40cm (length when opened up in a line)