Batu Seremban (Pua Kumbu Five Stones)

Selambut or also known as Batu Seremban is a traditional game played in Malaysia. Selambut is a reference to the north and east coast of West Malaysia, while on the west coast of Peninsular and in East Malaysia, the game is called Seremban. Batu Seremban consists of five "stones" made of fabric and filled with rice or beans, and is usually played by children in groups of 2 or more. The game is often played at leisure, on any clean flat surface.
  •     Comes in a pouch
  •     Consists of 5 "stones"
  •     Comes with printed "Five Stones" steps and rules

Material: Cotton

Batu Seremban "Five Stones" steps and rules : 1-1   |   1-2

Note: Each item is handsewn and unique, so product may differ slightly from display images.