Harvest Tote White

Harvest Tote White

It's everything you wanted in a bag, this travel tote is large enough to hold the extras for a weekend trip, snacks for a soccer game or the necessities for your commute to the office or even to the beach. We've taken your classic tote to the next level by giving you multiple ways to style with a detachable strap. It also comes with a matching pouch to store toiletries, make-up, a water bottle, notebook or even your electronic devices. It's a 2 in 1 bag!

  • Prints designed by Alena Murang
  • Zip closure to keep everything secure
  • 3 inner compartments
  • 1 large inner zipper compartment
  • One matching pouch (has 2 compartments and 1 zipper compartment inside)
  • One adjustable detachable bag strap 
  • Machine washable
  • Water resistant 

This lightweight tote bag serves well as a day-to-day tote perfect for running errands or even as a beach bag. The pouch turns into a sling bag just by clipping the detachable strap on!



GIN & JACQIE collaborated with renowned Sarawak sape’ musician, Alena Murang on the design of a collection of tote bags; Harvest Tote, in the efforts to raise funds for the Association for the Development of The Education of Indigenous People.

"As I reflected on the activities of harvesting, I wanted to honour the lives and work of people that work the land. Still today, traditional baskets woven of bamboo or rattan are used in the harvest of rice, the drying of the paddy, and the husking of the paddy. Whilst some baskets are plain, the motifs woven are from the immediate environment - images of people, birds, plants, insects, rainforest animals etc. The circular motif is based on the geometric design principles used in our traditional weaving and beading. Of course as our medium is different from bamboo, rattan, and beads, I could explore different shapes and motifs, working with the silhouettes of padi farmers wearing traditional sun hats. Incorporated are traditional orang ulu motifs of humans, and bird's eye, found on woven items. A contemporary take on our farming baskets - for all of those who plant seeds, nurture, and wait patiently for the harvests to look after each other."- Alena Murang 

    Material: Nylon
    Size: 50cm L x  30cm H x 19cm D                                                     
    Size pouch: 29cm L x 19cm H x 11cm D             
    Strap length : 25cm H

    Length of adjustable strap: 100cm