Hand-painted Leaf Bookmark PERKATA

Hand-Painted Leaf Bookmark

Here's a perfect gift for book lovers out there! Unique hand-painted frangipani tree leaves turned into bookmarks by PERKATA school volunteers, topped with a grosgrain or satin ribbon. Both sides of the leaves are well coated with acrylic paint to ensure they are sturdy enough as bookmarks. The designs are based on Sarawak ethnic motives which resembles the designs on traditional Sarawak sape. The bookmark is vibrant in color, making it hard to lose your place in your book!

The sale of the bookmark is 100% donated to PERKATA School.

Size details: 15cm x 7cm


The Perkata Gallery sell items specially produced to raise funds for the Sarawak School for the Intellectually Disabled Children. It is 100% charity for the school.