LITTLE PAPER CRATE: CRAFTING STORIES provides creative ideas and activities for young children based around art projects made with recycled household materials and items that are inexpensive and easily sourced-for. All projects from the book are budget-friendly and encourage development skills as well as quality family time!

The book is written to encourage and increase bonding between parent and children through simple projects they can enjoy together and discourage dependence on technology as a form of entertainment. Handcrafts stimulates a child's inner creativity as well as curiosity for art. It teaches children focus and coordination by involving fine motor skills, as well as encouraging them to learn organizational and crafting skills.

All projects are specially customised for kids from 4 to 9 years of age. They are designed to offer easy conversations and group activities between parents, teachers and children so that they are enjoyable and engaged for both adults and kids at the same time.

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