Kuih Raya Pouch

We're so excited to release our latest collaboration with homegrown talents Bingka: a line of super cute Kuih Raya Pouches! These pouches were originally designed as a way of keeping all your Duit Raya packets organized and readily available.

"Setahun hanya sekali" may be true for Raya, but not for these versatile pouches! Use them as a multipurpose pouch even when the festive season is over: as a casual hold-all pouch, as a chic travel wallet, or as a quirky clutch to spice up your outfit on special occasions!

  • Magnetic button closure
  • 1 outer zip compartment
  • 2 inner pockets (can fit 15 - 20 Duit Raya packets per pocket)

Material: PU leather
Measurements (close): 22.5cm x 12.5cm
Measurements (open): 22.5cm x 25cm