Blue Tammy & Red Tidy Anne set


A traveler's dream bag, now you can keep your undergarments in one place and not having to be embarrassed when you open up your suitcase!

  •    Printed G&J lining inside
  •     Double sided zipper to keep clean and soiled undergarments separate
  •     Removable netting inside to separate bras and underwear
  •     The handle makes it easy to hang it behind bathroom door or to take it from      one place to another

        Material: Nylon
        Size: 37cm x 4cm x 24cm 


        Tammy organizer functions as a camera insert as well as a bag organizer. Padded and easily partitioned with dividers, you can have your wallet and keys separated from your camera. You can now have your camera with you all the time knowing that it is well protected.

        • Drawstring closure top
        • Fully padded to protect your camera
        • Suitable for semi DSLR or digital camera
        • Comes with a single detachable velcro divider, to suit your needs
        • It has 6 exterior pockets that will keep your essentials organized, i.e. keys, tissue, SD cards and more!
        • 8mm foam padding

        Material: Nylon
        Size: 20cm x 14cm x 9cm