Blue Batik Raya Pouch

Batik Raya Pouch

Our print "blue batik" was inspired by the Chinese Ming blue vase and our traditional batik print. The batik raya pouch was originally designed as a way of keeping all your Duit Raya packets organized and readily available.

"Setahun hanya sekali" may be true for Raya, but not for these versatile pouches! Use them as a multipurpose pouch even when the festive season is over: as a casual hold-all pouch, as a chic travel wallet, or as a quirky clutch to spice up your outfit on special occasions!

  • Magnetic button closure
  • 1 outer zip compartment
  • 2 inner pockets (can fit 15 - 20 Duit Raya packets per pocket)

Material: PU leather
Measurements (close): 22.5cm x 12.5cm
Measurements (open): 22.5cm x 25cm