Beaded Earrings (Green Peyote)


Handmade with love and care, these intricate beaded earrings are made by local beadswear and accessories maker Marik by Entayang. Their beautiful accessories are inspired by the traditional art of beading and weaving among the Iban people of Sarawak, but with a chic, contemporary twist! Perfect to bring your outfit to life with that pop of colour, and, since the beads are so tiny, the earrings are actually super lightweight!

These particular earrings were made using the peyote stitch, a sturdy weaving technique, that has been used around the world in many different cultures, for many different things. Examples of the peyote stitch have been found among ancient Egyptian artifacts, but the name “peyote stitch” comes from the Native American bead-weaving tradition of using the stitch to decorate the handles of gourds used for Native American peyote ceremonies.

Note: Each earring is made entirely by hand, so they may differ slightly from each other.


MEASUREMENTS: 4.5cm x 3cm (including hook/finding)

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