A Collection of International Recipes (Made in Sarawak)

A collection of international recipes 'tried and true' which was contributed by a small sub-committee of housewives in efforts to raise funds for the Sarawak Association For The Welfare of the Intellectually Disabled Children, a non-profit charitable organization and operates the School for Mentally Challenged Children in Kuching, Sarawak. The book was compiled back in the 80's and there are some interesting recipes you will not find elsewhere (except in your grandmother's recipe books!) 

In our efforts to help PERKATA raise awareness as well as to help them sell the cook book to raise funds we hope that the public will support them as operating the school is costly. Like all other organizations, some government aid is received but the rest comes from various fund-raising activities of which this book is one.

Buy one and try out some of the recipes in them!! There are over 300 recipes in the book. All tried and tested by housewives sharing their secrets in cooking.

NOTE: The book was published in the 80s. Its a keeper and makes a great gift.