The Kumang Drawstring Pouch is our tribute to the rich and colourful mythology of the Iban people of Sarawak. Made from a contemporary Pua Kumbu fabric, these pouches are both sturdy and chic! Use it as a casual everyday bag, or a carry-all for day trips to the beach, the possibilities are endless. Available in 2 colours: Blue and Maroon.

  • Handmade in Malaysia
  • Drawstring opening
  • Water resistant base

MATERIAL: Printed cotton
SIZE: 20cm x 14cm

Kumang: The Legendary Iban Princess

In Iban mythology, there exists a group of mystical beings called Orang Panggau, who act as conduits between the gods and man, often referred to as the "heroes of Iban folklore". They reside in the mythical longhouses of Panggau Libau and Gelong. Kumang and her sister Lulong are the main deities of Gelong, and feature in many epic tales of the Iban people. Kumang is seen as the ideal woman, possessing great beauty and skill in weaving. The sisters empower Iban women to weave and to work the ornamental patterns on the native cloth, Pua Kumbu. To weave good blankets and fine dresses, Iban women must be endowed by these deities in a dream with a charmed porcupine's quill.

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